Monday, November 12, 2007

The questions...

Cath: Are you sure about this?

Me: Yes... I want to do this.

Cath: How about the pay there?

Me: Its not the pay that matters to me the most now, its the future... I have a bleak one over here.

Cath: Oh dear! what happen?

Me: Apparently my boss keep saying she is leaving this place in 3 years time, and couldn't be bother what is going to happen with the rest of her staff...

Cath: Hmm... people can get selfish sometimes just to work out their plans...

Me: Tell me about it... She has been saying this so many times... its very intimidating and pushing most of us to the edge.

Cath: Well dear.. its a calculating risk and I hope for the best, in your new work place.

Me: Thanks dear... its the risk I have to take. Wish me luck...

Above is a conversation I had with a dear friend, Catherine... as thought she knows what has been bugging me over the weekend... She immediately text me this morning... Thank you my friend, at least my conscious is clear now... You make my day.

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